My Stalker Story

This story will come. Still dealing with William and his friends stalking me and trying to kill me for my activism…

Stephany, you’re not a victim. You have been stalking me for years and have been groomed. You know I reached out to you as an olive branch. You decided to attack me because you’re an idiot who wants attention, and now the law will come after you, too.

All because how dare I share the truth. You call images of animals be slaughtered for meat, dairy, and eggs “gore” because YOU KNOW it’s cruel, unnecessary, and evil. But because you are a cruel, selfish sociopath you rather keep harming others and silence those who expose the truth. I won’t be silenced. I’m not a monster. I speak for those who have no voice. Even if it will get me murdered by you, William, and your other pedo friends.