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For thousands of years horses, mules, donkeys, bovines, buffalo, and other animals have been subjugated to immense animal cruelty all for human greed and control. Just like shock collars, bits, spurs, and whips are designed solely to cause pain to the animal to force them to obey.

Resources on Bits

World Bitless Organization:

Massive Paper on Studies With Visuals:

Above Paper on Google Drive:

Papers from Dr Cook:

Bit Use and It’s Relevance to Rider Safety:,modern%20understanding%20of%20animal%20welfare

Bit Injuries High in Show Horses:

Oral Lesions from Bits:

Tongue ties:

What is a Tongue Tie:

Champing at the Bit for Improvements: A Review of Equine Welfare in Equestrian Sports in the United Kingdom. Tim Holmes & Ashleigh F Brown

The 2020 Five Domains Model: Including Human–Animal Interactions in Assessments of Animal Welfare:

Bits Hurt Horses (video): [link]

Bits and Horse Riding (video): [link]

Abuse of Bits (video): [link]

Bit Bridle vs Bitless Bridle (video): [link]

Bit Abuse (video): [link]

Dr. Cook on Bits (video): [link]  and [link]

Abuse of Bits:

Dr. Cook on Bits:

Riding Bitless:

Stacey Westfall Ride Horse Without Bridle or Saddle (video): [link]

British Veterinary Association (2021):

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Resources on Whips:

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American Pharaoh Whipped Over 30 Times in ONE Race:–did-victor-espinoza-whip-american-pharoah-too-many-times-192407863.html

Resources on Spurs:

Electric Spur Use in Show Horse:

Spur Abuse:

when There is Blood on the Horse is it an Accident or Abuse: