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Getting PBR off George Mason University’s Campus

PBR (Professional Bull Riders) is being allowed to perform at GMU’s Eagle Bank Arena every September. PBR is horrifically cruel to the animals in their “care.”

They electrocute, tie the penises of the bulls, and hit them with spurs to agitate them to buck. Bovines are naturally very quiet, gentle animals, but rodeos (like bullfighting) hurts them to make them panic and buck. Due to the panicked bucking and having their penises tied so tightly, bulls (and horses) will buck so hard and high that broken legs, broken backs, and broken necks as well as traumatic head injuries are common.

Every animal used at a rodeo will be sent to slaughter if they are injured or are “no longer able to perform.” Yes, even horses from rodeos will be added to kill pens alongside race horses to be shipped to slaughter in other countries. The bulls also are branded, kept in trailers for hours without water, and denied fields to naturally graze and relax. Due to the structure of their legs, broken limbs during traveling is common.

This is disgusting, horrific animal cruelty that we do not want on our campus. Less than 1% of GMU students attended the 2019 event. GMU is profiting off animal abuse when there are other options. The Eagle Bank Arena can make money off their other events such as Disney on Ice, the Harlem Globetrotters, plays, etc. They don’t need to add animal abuser, whether from a circus or rodeo, to that list!

Please, sign the petition and demand GMU do better:

Email George Mason University’s President – Gregory Washington;

Office of the President
5100 Alan and Sally Merten Hall, Ffx, MSN: 3A1
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 703-993-8700

Call Susan Riel, the President & CEO of EagleBank. EagleBank spent millions of dollars to put their name on the GMU arena. Ask them to SPEAK OUT against animal abuse. Ms. Riel may be reached at 301-986-1800 or 240-497-2075.

Old Blog Post:

Continue reading to learn more about this cruelty.

Calf screaming as he is branded

Bovines and horses are branded when still babies. The brand is metal, heated until it turns red, which is then applied directly to the flesh burning it. The brand is above 900 °F (460 °C). That’s hotter than your stove, and if you’ve burnt yourself on it you know THAT hurts. This brand is much worse, held there for several seconds, and the young babies are pinned down by several grown men.

Spurs used on the bulls and horses. Image credit is PBR’s official Facebook page. They don’t hide this abuse!

Spurs are metal, sharp, and used to kick a horse or bull into the sensitive flank. This is like someone kicking you with a pointed metal object on the waist. Cowboys are given points the more they kick the horse or bull they are on.

Visible scars from spurs
Bull bleeding from nostrils

Hemorrhages and internal bleeding is common in rodeo animals.

Bull landing on his head causing neck injury and head trauma
Bull being “euthanized” (shot) where he collapsed in front of the audience.

The most common injuries for bucking bulls and broncos (horses) are broken legs, broken backs, broken necks, and severe head trauma. If they are not “euthanized” (shot) in the arena, they are shipped to slaughter, or are killed outside the arena. No matter what, a severe injury always leads to death despite proper veterinary care existing that can easily save these animals from many of these injuries. A broken leg for bovines and horses does not always mean the need to kill them, as the rodeo and horseracing industries wish you to believe. those who care for these animals are able to save them. There are many examples of horses and bovines with loving humans who survived broken limbs, or even an amputation.

Some examples:

But, giving the animals proper medical care and saving their lives is too costly. PBR, like everything that exploits animals, is about making profit. It’s cheaper to shoot the animals or send them to slaughter than to care for them and respect their right to life.

The terror from the loud crowd, blaring music, being shocked, kicked with spurs, and having their penises tied causes bulls and horses to buck so high that they are more likely to become injured. Those thin leg bones taking the blunt of over a ton of weight landing on them repeatedly and in such a fury is not ending well. Bulls and horses also panic so much, are blinded from so much pain, they also will run into the metal gates and arena walls, causing more injuries, including head trauma.

Tasers being used on the animals while in the chutes. To make them buck as much as possible. Tasers and cattle prods (tasers on long sticks) are used to get the animals into pens, trailers, etc. These animals never feel a gentle hand.

This is just the bull and bronco riding abuse of rodeos. Full rodeos do so much more cruelty to the animals. To learn more about rodeo cruelty and bullriding see these organizations:

To see images I have taken of PBR at the GMU campus in 2019 and 2021 (2020 skipped due to COVID) please see here:

Here are just a FEW videos of bulls being injured during bull riding events.

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