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    Banning Horse Carriages

    UPDATE: Melissa was removed from her job so new contact details!!!! Every year at Christmas time the city of Manassas allows free horse carriage rides in downtown Manassas. The horses are subjugated to crowds of loud people, children grabbing and touching them, cars driving fast by mere inches from them as they pull or wait for the carriages to be loaded, and forced to work for 3+ hours straight without breaks. The horses show signs of pain from the bit (see here about bit cruelty), pain in the legs, and exhaustion. Horse carriages are being banned in many cities around the world due to the cruelty and dangers inflicted upon…

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    PBR at GMU Campaign

    Getting PBR off George Mason University’s Campus PROTESTS ARE SCHEDULED: September 23: 24: PBR (Professional Bull Riders) is being allowed to perform at GMU’s Eagle Bank Arena every September. PBR is horrifically cruel to the animals in their “care.” They electrocute, tie the penises of the bulls, and hit them with spurs to agitate them to buck. Bovines are naturally very quiet, gentle animals, but rodeos (like bullfighting) hurts them to make them panic and buck. Due to the panicked bucking and having their penises tied so tightly, bulls (and horses) will buck so hard and high that broken legs, broken backs, and broken necks as well as…