• Campaigns

    Banning Horse Carriages

    The City of Manassas allows horse carriage rides every December for the holidays. Since the city is its own jurisdiction, we are specifically targeting it to ban the carriages, while the PWC campaign seeks to ban horse carriages in city limits within the county. These horses are subjugated to traffic, children crowding around them, painful bits, whips, spooking and running into traffic, working without break, etc. Horses and children die every month because of carriage rides.

  • Campaigns

    PBR at GMU Campaign

    Eagle Bank Arena, owned by Monumental Sports and Entertainment, is located on the George Mason University (GMU) campus. For the past few years (ever since Barnum and Bailey Circus shut down and no longer visited), the arena has allowed Professional Bull Riding (PBR) to perform at the arena. Students, alumni, and locals are against this cruelty and want it banned. I, an alumni of the university, have been leading the campaign against them since 2021, after the founder of the campaign had to step down due to her class load. Despite threats from fake activists, and a lot of abuse, I have fought on for a victory for these abused…